It’s been a dream for most of us to take vacation like we did when we were young. We didn’t have a choice in those days. We had to make do with the neighbors in our town who came in to milk cows. UFABET เว็บตรง

Maui on the other hand, Ma’alaea is a vacation spot that is within driving distance of just about everyone. If you don’t live on the West Coast, you can get there by plane, train, bus or you can simply walk there (we prefer the latter).

Maui is short for “Maui”, the Hawaiian word for island. It’s also the name of the largest mountain in North America, Mount Haleakala, found on Mauna Haleakala also. Many people consider that island the most beautiful in the Hawaiian islands, with Hana Coast State Park ( 81 miles long) being a popular hiking destination.

When you come to Maui you’ll want to put a Hawaiian sunset DVD in your DVD player at the Paradise Stream Resort. The resort also has a viewpoints camera which is a must for any day at the beach. The stream has mostly hotels and resorts, with a few very small cottages and cabins. Be sure to bring shoes; even the beach areas are often pebbled.

Maui is a beautiful island, and if you’re planning on visiting it you should at the very least make a day of it. The locals are very friendly and the food is spectacular. When you come home after a day of fun, you’ll be down in the pleasures of the nightlife. You might like to try some of the famous dishes that Maui has to offer.

You might love their tasty clams and soft crab sandwiches. enjoyed with your favorite drink.

Don’t forget to try fluff Key Lime pie and the Jamaican mojito. They’re very good.

The sandwich featured above, would be a good choice if you’re sitting out on the beach by yourself. Very popular. You’re sure to catch someone’s eye. They’re a small company that specializes in sandwiches. They’re very proud of their reputation.

If you’re into the whole sampling things you find in every square mile, then you’ll love their Key Lime Pie. If you taste test a few (I haven’t done all that many) you’ll understand how the Key Lime pie is so popular. They also have Southern Bellini, something that my husband and I tried and fell in love with.

Key Lime Pie isAlmost as good as the original at only a half of the cost. The portions are also huge. This is a meal to share. It’s perfect for those Key Lime lovers out there. Those who don’t mind sharing should try the Southern Bellini.

fried pickles are a no brainer. I don’t even need to load up on Picklejuice. Besides the pickles, you can buy a jar of their popularSpicy Lime Shoe. If only to give the directions to a friend who doesn’t know about the lime. It’s fun to share.

I’m out of space here, but I’d like to mention a few more restaurants and food items I’ve tried in Key West.

Fredericksburgers are delicious, but very pricey. If you can get past the high price, though, the memories you’ll leave with your friends and family will be worth it.

The Lemon Pie crust had just enough garlic to sweetness it up. Herbs and fresh raw onions gave this lemon lover’s pie its flavor. We ordered a lemon slice and ate it plain with a knife and fork. It was so good we vaccinated ourselves after eating it.

The Old Stooler is said to have been the first stand-up pizza pizza in Key West. It’s on the road to the west side of town. If you arrive early, you might just be able to snap a picture of the sign as it turns into the town’s main thoroughfare. The thin-crust pizzeria has thick wooden booths and a quaint back patio. There are usually several tables inside along with a separate, glassed, eating area. Menus include a jumbo meatball; shrimp Diavolo; as well as salads, sandwiches, and pastas.

The shrimp pizza was good, but we preferred the wood-oven broiler pizza. It was topped with baked green tomatoes, and our entire pizza was sautéed in butter with pearl onions. The wood-oven pizza was topped with sweet green onions, tasty shredded chicken, and delicate mozzarella.